Beautiful Intestinal Worms!


Although helminths in general are regarded as disease-causing parasites, reality is not so cut and dry. While many helminths do cause horrible disease, others are entirely benign. Elimination of benign helminths went unnoticed as sanitation and food storage technologies were put in place to effectively eliminate a variety of pathogens, including disease causing helminths. However, a vast array of scientific evidence now demonstrates that the loss of all helminths is, unfortunately, just too much for our body to handle. This particular loss of biodiversity leaves our immune system susceptible to a wide range of inflammation-related disorders, including allergies, autoimmune conditions, and several neuropsychiatric disorders. Fortunately, helminths, like dogs, chickens, and cattle, can be domesticated and raised under controlled conditions. The results of restoring biodiversity using domesticated helminths have been very encouraging, and this page provides information about this very promising approach to treating and preventing allergies, autoimmune disorders, and several neuropsychiatric disorders. 

Choose a worm below to learn more about the effect worms have on our health.

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