About Us

Our lab team strives to conduct research that will significantly contribute to the scientific community. Meet our current and past collaborators down below. 

William Parker, Ph.D.

Retired from Duke University after 28 years of research there. Currently CEO of WPLabs, Inc., a not-for profit private research laboratory.

Best known for discovering the function of the human appendix, William Parker studied biology as an undergraduate student and went on to earn his Ph.D. in chemistry. He has been working in research since the 1990s and has published numerous peer-reviewed articles. William conducts research that focuses on the issues presented in the immune system as a result of Western civilization. 

Jasmine Cendejas

Lab Assistant

Jasmine is currently an undergraduate student at UNC-Chapel Hill majoring in biology and minoring in neuroscience. She has worked on projects associated with helminth therapy and other projects exploring the link between acetaminophen and autism. 

Current and Former Students

Medical Students

(Co-mentored with Duke Physicians)

Dieter Bruno, M.D.


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Anitra Turner, M.D.


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Alice Song, M.D.


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Paul B. Yu, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Physician/Professor

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Sade Bell, M.D.

Resident Physician, General Surgery

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Aaron Lesher, M.D., MSCR

Pediatric Surgeon

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Andrew Barbas, M.D.

General Surgeon

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Daniel Palestrant, M.D.

CEO of par8o

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Tacy Downing, M.D.

Interventional Cardiologist

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Stewart Worrell, M.D.


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Other Medical Students:

(No pictures)

1999-2000 Jarrod D. Day

2002-2003 Sarah E. Gibson

2002-2003 Aaron Wyse

2010-2011 Jason Leong

2014-2015 Dylan Beinart

Undergraduate Students

1994-1995 Karen B. Stitzenberg

1995-1996 Jarama Lateef

1997-1999 Katherine J. Reissner

1997-2000 Annu Sood

1997-2001 Yuko C. Nakamura

1998-1999 Naomi S. Huber

1999-2002 Winston Lee

1999-2000 Brittny S. Williams

2000-2001 Valerie S. Weidner-Pratt

2003-2005 Aditya P. Devalapalli

2006-2008 Hung-Enn (Andy) Tan

2008 (Summer) Melat Saleshi

2011 (Summer) John Watts

2011-2014 Cindy Pi (Howard Hughes Undergrad fellow, Summer of 2011)

2011-2014 Emily Foltz

2013-2015 Darshana Jaint

2013-2015 Anna Cheng

2016-2017 Amanda Mathew

2017-2018 David Takamiya

2017-2018 Daniel Kim

2018-2019 Joshua Hames

2019-2020 Aarushi Venkatakrishnan

Howard Hughes Pre-College Program Students, North Carolina School of Science and Math fellows, and other high school students

1995 Sarah Washburn

1996 Lilly Farrell

1997 Catherine M. Ward

2001 Lindsay A. Edwards

2002 Aditya Devalapalli

2003 Shaina Wahl

2004 Karl A. Shieh

2005 Jonathan S. Solow

2006 Gregory Rubinstein

2007 Linda Lou

2008 Michael Lo

2009 Christian Johnson

2010 Angela Zhang

2010 Ryan Lee

2011 Amy Xie

2012-2014 Nathan Sanders

2014 Daniel Ren

2016 Sahil Karuturi

2016 Cliff Haley

2016 Rasika Rao

2017 Antara Palkar

2020 Jasmine Cendejas

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